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Welcome to our blog and pictures from our trip to World Youth Day in Sydney. Click at right to go to a particular day or scroll down to read about our the adventures of our Parish Youth as they embark on their "Mission from God" to World Youth Day 2008.

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July 20th

DAY #12: 7/22/08 - Sydney, Australia
Our final day in Sydney, we experienced a bit of everything with one large group traveling around Sydney by foot, a couple others visiting Bondi Beach, and another couple taking a scenic tour of the city by sea and by bus.

The first group began our experience visiting the Paddy's Market, and then moved up a block to Chinatown where we went souvenir shopping while experiencing the fine dining of China. We then continued our tour of the city on foot by walking to the monumental and beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral which turned into yet another shopping spree at the World Youth Day store where everything was 10% off. Moving on our tour, we moved to the Sydney Opera House to take pictures, then moving to the Circular Quay Harbor and Station to look at some more souvenirs before meeting back at St. Mary's for mass.

Some of us travelled to Bondi Beach and went swimming on purpose, others fell in the water. Nonetheless the winter here in Sydney is absolutely beautiful. The waves were wicked, and were very fun to swim around in. The beach was unmistakably remarkable and will not be forgotten.

Adding to our unbelievable and unforgettable World Youth Day experience, we walked to the Cathedral expecting a typical weekday mass. Little did we know, the mass would be in Italian with at least 50 priests, 16 Bishops, and 4 (yes I said 4) Cardinals. The mass was great even though we didn't understand it, and it was truly a gift to get to be a part of it.

We all finished our last day with dinner on Darling Harbour and Gelato

The end to a beginning,
The St. Margaret Mary WYD Pilgrims

7/22/08 - Picture 1
The group at Chinatown.

7/22/08 - Picture 2
St. Mary's Cathedral... Wow!
7/22/08 - Picture 3
Find our pilgrims at the Sydney Opera House.

7/22/08 - Picture 4
Winter in Australia... Bondi Beach.
7/22/08 - Picture 5
Sydney Harbour Bridge.

7/22/08 - Picture 6
Saying goodbye to Sydney with Gelato on the Harbour.

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WYD - Cologne Slide Show.



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